Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meal Plan: Monday 11/29-Sunday 12/5

Better late than never!

We were out of town for the entire Thanksgiving week, and I'm still trying to settle back into the usual routine. Also, we opted out of our CSA for the winter - it's 75% broccoli in the winter, ugh - so not having my veggie box to plan meals around is throwing me off my game a little.  It's been wonderfully cold this week - highs in the 50s! - so dinners have been warm and cozy, if a little haphazard. This is by far, my favorite time of year.

Monday - I've already forgotten what we had... spaghetti, maybe?

Tuesday - A quickly thrown together meatball minestrone, with garlic bread made by Hazel.

Wednesday - Meatloaf,  salad with homemade Caesar dressing, potato latkes (my first time making these, everyone loved them!)

Thursday - Split pea soup, "Lovestick" bruschetta (you heard me!) with tomatoes and herbed feta, fruit salad.

Friday - Date night! Company holiday dinner! Open bar, what what! Pizza for the kids and the babysitter.

Saturday - Crustacean Celebration/Rock Night with friends. Making chocolate cupcakes with vanilla bean/Maker's Mark frosting to celebrate Mike's birthday! (Recipe to follow, if I can pull it off).

Sunday - 3-cheese quiche, a big green salad, pomegranates.

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  1. You rock. I am so glad you've launched this blog! XOX