Monday, November 15, 2010

Meal Plan: Monday 11/15 - Friday 11/19

We head down to SoCal Saturday for Thanksgiving, so this week is all about emptying out the fridge. My goal is to not have to go to the grocery store at all, so... things might get a little weird at the table. At the very least, we will definitely lay down a nice base coat of vegetables before stuffing ourselves silly next week.

*CSA Items

Monday - Really Good Mexican Rice, with beans, whole wheat tortillas, and Mexican Slaw.*

Tuesday - Pizza delivery (I'm going out to see Amy Sedaris, and Mike's watching 4 kids! SUCKA! Just kidding. Thanks, Mike! You deserve a dish-free night...), blanched green beans* and carrots*, with hummus.

Wednesday - Some kind of veggie*/cheese frittata, leftover potatoes*, veggie-filled salad*, homemade apple*sauce, if I'm feeling really ambitious, which I probably won't be.

Thursday - Rid-the-fridge-of-veggies* Thai curry, brown rice (leftover pizza on the side, for curry haters.)

Friday - Whatever's left.

I'm on deck for appetizers for 50 on Thanksgiving Day, and I can't wait to share what I'm making with you! Stay tuned.

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