Monday, November 8, 2010

Meal Plan: Monday 11/8 - Sunday 11/14

We have kind of a crazy weekend ahead, and the girls are out of school Thursday and Friday, so some things may get tweaked a little, but here's the plan as it currently stands.

*CSA items

Monday - Red bell peppers stuffed with ground beef and brown rice, green salad*, roasted cauliflower*.
Tuesday - Black bean soup, squash* and cheese quesadillas.
Wednesday - Corned beef and sauteed cabbage*, roasted potatoes* and onions*.
Thursday - Rainbow chard* and ricotta-stuffed shells, green peas with carmelized onions*.
Friday - Black bean tacos, Mexican coleslaw with purple cabbage*, radishes*, cilantro*, lime vinaigrette.
Saturday - Meeting up with family at the San Francisco Ferry Building. WOOT!
Sunday - Leftovers. We're gonna have a lot this week.

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